The Terex® FM 120 Bucket Wheel is a classification unit that removes silts, slimes and clays from sand to produce up to 2 salable products. It is capable of working in applications such as concrete, mortar and asphalt sands, quarry dust/crushed fines, lake and beach sands, silica sand, golf course sands, filter bed sands, recycled materials and iron ore.

FM 120 Bucket Wheel Features & Benefits

• Can recover 1 or 2 grades of sand from wet feed or bolt-on
boiler box option for direct dry feed
• Maximum recovery of salable material through the removal of
silt, slimes and clays below 75μm (200 mesh)
• Variable speed bucket wheel processes 80-90% of material,
reducing wear on the rubber lined pumps & cyclones
• Major reduction in fine material discharging to the water
management system, thus reducing recovery cycle and cost
• Low maintenance & simple operation with self regulating sump
• High frequency dewatering screen reduces residual water
content in your final product to 10–15%
• All electric plant pre-wired to control panel or isolators to
integrate with other Terex equipment