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Scrap Handing Solutions

Scrap handlers are essential in helping to recycle and reclaim materials for reuse. They are responsible for collecting materials from various sources and sorting them according to type and grade. They must be able to identify different types of scrap and be able to determine the value of the scrap.

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Scrap Handler
Achieve maximum productivity and control over your workspace with the powerful KOBELCO SK260DLC-11…

MHL 331

Scrap Handler
The Terex Fuchs MHL 331 Wheeled Material Handler is an ideal choice for recycling businesses, due…

MHL 335

Scrap Handler
The Fuchs MHL 335 is renowned for its material handling capabilities, particularly for heavier…

MHL 340

Scrap Handler
The Terex Fuchs MHL 340 is a superior scrap or ELV handler, renowned for its extended reach and…

MHL 345

Scrap Handler
Our MHL345 combines the advantages of the MHL340 with an enlarged undercarriage. This supports the…

MHL 350

Scrap Handler
The Terex Fuchs MHL 350 is unrivalled in its class, boasting a near legendary ruggedness,…

MHL 360

Scrap Handler
The Fuchs MHL360 is setting a new standard in cutting-edge scrap handler technology with its…

MHL 370

Scrap Handler
The Terex Fuchs MHL370 bulk handler is designed to offer maximum performance in even the most…

MHL 375

Scrap Handler
The MHL 375 was designed from the ground up with the intention of being used in scrap yards and…

MHL 380

Scrap Handler
The Terex Fuchs MHL 380 is an ideal material handler for loading and unloading ships. Its…

MHL 390

Scrap Handler
The Terex Fuchs MHL 390 port handler is a versatile and powerful machine capable of handling a wide…

How Scrap Handlers Reach New Heights

Fuchs scrap handlers are designed to provide efficient and cost-effective scrap handling solutions for the recycling industry. Fuchs scrap handlers are designed to handle a wide variety of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, demolition debris, and wood.

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