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Get more value out of waste with ZenRobotics. having been serving front running recycling companies since 2007, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate waste sorting and make outdated, inefficient and unsafe manual sorting a thing of the past with safe sorting robots.

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The more you sort, the smarter your robots become ZenRobotics has harnessed AI to increase waste…

Fast Picker

The high-speed robot for maximizing material recovery Optimal for material recovery facilities…

Heavy Picker

Heavy Picker is the world’s strongest sorting robot that can easily separate multiple waste…

Safe Sorting – Superior Waste Recycling Robots

ZenRobotics has the right robot for every sorting need. The Heavy Picker for bulky waste like C&D, the Fast Picker for light packaging waste and an all might industrial AI with more than a decade of experience from recognising and sorting high quality recyclables from around the world.


Committed to getting the right solution

Our team of industry experts have years of experience and a knowledge of the vast range of machinery options. This means that we are able to work with you to understand your goals and advise the best solution that fits your budget, whilst achieving your goals.

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