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Section 179: How You Can Maximize Your Savings

Unlock Tax Benefits Today with Section 179: Power Up Your Business with Powerscreen of California, Nevada, & Hawaii

In a nutshell, Section 179 of the IRS tax code enables businesses to fully deduct the purchase price of qualifying equipment that they finance during a given tax year, up to a specified limit. This tax deduction can be a great way to save your business money on taxes while investing in the equipment you need for your business.

Receive deductions on various machinery such as; crushers, screeners, conveyors, shredders, and more! We want to partner with your business as you utilize Section 179. With our extensive range of high-performance machinery, we offer solutions tailored to meet the unique standards of an array of industries, including construction, mining, recycling, and more.

By leveraging Section 179, working with Powerscreen of California becomes even more advantageous. Imagine being able to deduct the full price of that new…or used Powerscreen crusher or screener from your taxable income. Not only will you be equipping your business with cutting-edge technology, but you will also be reducing your tax liability!

Maximizing Your Section 179 Deduction

To make the most of Section 179, keep the following points in mind:

• Designed for Small Businesses

• A tax code that allows businesses to deduct the cost of certain qualifying assets

• Applies to tangible, depreciable assets such as equipment

NEW or USED Equipment

•Can deduct the full cost of eligible assets in the year they are placed in service

• For the year 2023, the limit is $1,160,000 if your business purchases up to $2,890,000 or less in eligible equipment

• For businesses buying LESS than $4 million/year of equipment

The IRS Tax Code has been making waves among small business owners with Section 179. Do not miss out on the potential tax benefits offered by Section 179.

Small business owners can immediately deduct the expense of essential assets, such as machinery, rather than depreciating them over time.

Section 179, like any tax provision, is subject to change. While it has been a great benefit for businesses, there is no guarantee that it will remain unchanged for years to come. The key takeaway is to utilize Section 179 while it is available. If you are considering taking advantage of Section 179, it is beneficial to take action sooner rather than later to maximize the benefits for your business. Read below regarding how much you will be able to deduct in the years to come.

What will change?

Starting in 2023 at 80%, the first-year bonus depreciation deduction amount will decrease by 20% each year for the following 3 years.

• 2023 – 80%

• 2024 – 60%

• 2025 – 40%

• 2026 – 20%

The information provided in this article was gathered from First Citizens Bank.

For more information on how you can utilize Section 179 of the IRS tax code, please visit here.