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Flail Debarkers & Disk Chippers

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CBI 5800BT

Flail Debarkers & Disk Chippers
No other horizontal wood grinder cures the headaches of load restrictions and permitting as much as…

CBI 6800CT

Flail Debarkers & Disk Chippers
The CBI Magnum Force 6800CT Horizontal Grinder has been engineered to surpass every horizontal…

CBI 604 Series

Flail Debarkers & Disk Chippers
No other flail debarker in the industry is more rugged than the CBI Magnum Force Flail 604.

CBI 7544

Flail Debarkers & Disk Chippers
Combining the CBI Magnum Force Flail 604 and the CBI Magnum Force 754 Disc Chipper, the newly…

Uncompromised quality

Powerscreen has achieved its five-decade legacy through industry leadership, customer input, continuous innovation, and relationships built on trust. The company was founded in 1966 under the name of Ulster Plant in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland where the research, development, and manufacturing of products continues today.

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