With its diverse applications and superb maneuvering speed, the TWH220 waste handling meets high expectations in the recycling business. The solid undercarriage ensures stability when loads are to be moved with a reach of up to 9.2 meters. Neither speed nor precision is compromised, slewing motors and slewing gears are minutely adjusted and the lifting and stick cylinders are equipped with special end-position damping.

The TWH220 waste handling uses state-of-the-art engine and cooling technology. The divided cooling system, comprising of a hydrostatically driven fan for the oil cooler and a viscous-clutch driven fan for the water and charge air cooler, provides silent cooling and permits operation of the machine at temperatures as high as 50°C (122°F). Options such as additional suction boxes or a pressurized cabin system with a protective ventilation system are provided to facilitate operation in the sorting hall.

Optimal visibility is afforded both by the lifting cab with its panoramic windows and by the advanced function monitor, which permits comprehensive surveillance of all operating data. Ergonomically arranged operational controls and a comfortable seat that provides lumbar support are components of the basic equipment.

  • Separate cooling system, easily accessible from ground level, for the hydraulic oil and engine combine excellent cooling power with quiet performance and efficient thermostatic control.
  • Operator has excellent visibility and control, aided by the height-adjustable cab with large windows and a modern multi-function color monitor which makes comprehensive operating information available at a glance.