The TTS520-3 is equipped as an economical three-fraction drum screen that provides a new and efficient alternative to star screen systems. Based off the TTS520, the design of the TTS520-3 enables material separation in three fractions, all while offering the same advantages of a drum screen (law maintenance, higher screening quality, easy setup). When being transported, its dimensions are the same of a two-fraction drum screen, which enables maximum mobility and flexibility. Its tandem axle and suspension system is approved for 50 mph (80 km/h).

An integral component to this three-fraction trommel system is the disc screens. The metal discs are not only more resistant to abrasion, but they can also be replaced individually to keep wear costs low. Its drum screen measures at 2 meters in diameter by 5.1 meters in length. The TTS520-3 is powered by a John Deere 99 hp (74kW) diesel engine (Tier 3A). TEE incorporates on the finest components to ensure a prolonged life cycle for each of its drum screen models and the TTS520-3 is no exception.