Whether it is precisely-shaped aggregate for Superpave or closely-sized stone for landscaping, your customers are requiring tighter specifications for product these days. As a result, you have to exercise tighter control over your process. The most effective point to do that is at your screen. And the most efficient screen to choose is the Terex® Cedarapids LJ-TS Series screen with its legendary El-JayTM oval stroke design.

The LJ-TS Series screens make a case for themselves based on performance alone. But if you want further convincing, just examine the heavy-duty construction. From unique herringbone bracing to triple-wall reinforcements, it proves that Terex® Minerals Processing Systems builds equipment to endure. And that can help you build your business to succeed.

LJ-TS horizontal screens are available in a wide variety of sizes and deck styles to accommodate virtually any application. Sizes range from 5’ x 16’ double deck units to 8’ x 20’ triple deck units. Scalping screens are available in 5 x 14, 5 x 16  and 6 x 16 two deck units.

Features & Benefits

  • Three shaft vibrator mechanism provides high G force along with the efficient oval motion. Adjustable stroke, stoke angle, and speed, to optimize performance.
  • Unique lubrication system with patented internal baffle system and patented hub oil port system to minize lube temperatures for maximum bearing life.
  • Fatigue resistant construction with patented dual o-ring “Sealed for life” Huckbolt® fastener assembly.
  • High-tech rotary non-contact “gland type” oil seal in hooded wheel case cover maximizes seal effectiveness and operating life
  • Computer designed chrome-moly-nickel gear set with premium metallurgy and optimized tooth profile for smooth running and maximum life.
  • 2-1/2 degree slope available on 6′ and 7′ screens
  • Medium Scalper deck available on 6′ and 7′ screens
  • End Tensioned bottom deck
  • Base Frame
  • Urethane decks
  • Coil or rubber springs
  • Heavy Scalping Screens
  • Spray Systems
  • Key Wedge Clamps